Sunday, January 31, 2016

HHS Delivers Children to Human Traffickers, Sex Traffickers

HHS didn't check homes before giving migrant kids to traffickers

Health and Human Services delivered over at least six migrant children from Guatemala into the hands of human traffickers without visiting the homes where they would live or verifying any family connection to them, a Senate committee has found.


The findings derived from a case in Marion, Ohio in which six defendants allegedly lured child victims to the United States with the promise of schooling and a better life and instead enslaved them on an egg farm and forced them to work 12 hours a day in squalid conditions with no pay.

A report by the committee found other disturbing examples of HHS delivering minors into the hands of sex traffickers or sexual predators.
Prison and slave labor should be the punishment for these HHS hacks.

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Steven Satak said...

I seem to recall a Lee Child novel where Jack Reacher encounters folks like this. They use them for human sacrifice, naturally. As it is out on the plains of Nebraska, no one catches them for a long time. Until Reacher, that is.