Thursday, January 7, 2016

More On Rapes and Molestations in Germany

Suspects in Cologne sex attacks 'claimed to be Syrian refugees'
Leaked police report claims senior police officers feared fatalities and that one of those involved in attacks told officers: “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me"

German Interior Minister: Right-Wing Chat Rooms ‘At Least As Awful As’ Cologne Sex Attacks
One commenter takes this as a sign that "nothing will be done". He's probably right. Hatred of the conservative voice is stronger and more visceral than the reality of the barbarians which the European Leftists have fawned over and insisted on importing them by the zillions.

And censoring dissent, as well as the news:
COLOGNE: Google, Facebook and Twitter Yield to German Govt Demand to Censor Anti-Migrant ‘Hate Speech’

The German government’s demand that social media giants Google, Facebook and Twitter remove what it calls anti-migrant ‘hate speech’ is having its first real test in the wake of the sickening sex attacks in Cologne over New Year’s Eve.

Breitbart London first brought news of the attacks to the English speaking world and sparked a global tide of outrage in the process.

Anyone in Germany appalled by the scenes we described, however, will find it difficult to express their disgust online because it might be branded as hate speech by the Berlin political class that shows more concern for the reaction from Germans than for the threat to social order from the migrants themselves.

In a deal reached last December, major social media sites said they would work to delete any German anti-migrant sentiments distributed on their networks within 24 hours after a removal request has been made.

The outlets agreed to apply domestic laws, rather than their own corporate policies, to reviews of posts and already users in Germany are expressing disgust at the policy which came straight from German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office.

Last September, Ms Merkel was overheard confronting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg over the issue, with Mr Zuckerberg replying “we need to do some work” to remove offensive posts, Wired reported. He agreed to collude with the German leader on the issue.
And then there's this official obtuseness:
Cologne Mayor’s ‘Arm’s Length’ Advice on Sexual Attacks Stirs Outcry

BERLIN — The mayor of Cologne has inflamed a debate in Germany about migrants and sexual harassment by suggesting that women can protect themselves from men on the streets by keeping them more than an arm’s length away.

The remarks by the mayor, Henriette Reker, were made Tuesday to reporters after the Cologne police said they had received more than 90 complaints of robbery and sexual assault, including two accounts of rape, by groups of men who targeted young women in and around the city’s main train station in the crush of revelers on New Year’s Eve.

By Wednesday, Ms. Reker was being widely ridiculed by commentators and across social media for putting the onus on the victims of the attacks.

“It is always possible to keep a certain distance that is longer than an arm’s length,” Ms. Reker told reporters on Tuesday, suggesting that the city authorities would provide guidelines for young women who find themselves surrounded by aggressive men trying to grope them.

The police, who have yet to make any arrests, said the assaults had been carried out by several hundred young men, whom they described as having a “North African or Arabic” appearance.

The nature and scale of the assaults have shocked Germany and brought to the surface social tensions over the willingness of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government to throw open the doors to more than one million refugees last year.

Ms. Reker, who was elected last year, had already become a symbol of that embrace after being stabbed at a campaign event by a man angered over her welcoming attitude toward refugees. Her remarks have now made her a target of derision all along the political spectrum.

Hundreds of women and men took to social media, posting angry responses and memes — including dozens showing the outstretched right arm known as the “Hitler Greeting” — under the hashtag #einearmlaenge, German for “an arm’s length.”

Even the country’s justice minister pushed back against the statement. “I don’t think much of tips for behavior for women, such as ‘an arm’s length,’ ” Heiko Maas wrote on Twitter. “Not women are responsible, but the perpetrators.”
[All emphasis added]Well, censoring the critical opposition opinions should solve this problem...

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Rikalonius said...

This literally makes me sick to my stomach. We are witnessing 1984. We have all given Facebook too much power. But if it wasn't Facebook, then governments would start pushing ISPs, and if not ISPs, then it would come down the DNS servers not allowing traffic to sites with "inkorrect thought". For a short time the internet was a place were idea could pass freely, but it seems the tools in politics have caught up.

The politicians really are disgusting, vile beings. They're text book narcissists. In this country the legislative branch has all but ceded their power to the Executive. I'm so angry I can't even organize my thoughts.