Monday, January 18, 2016

Multiculturalism Takes Over

Multiculturalism is Vibrancy In Action:
MIGRANT SEX ATTACK 'COVER-UP': Welcome party for Cologne refugees turned into mass groping

FURY is growing in Germany over mounting evidence of ANOTHER cover-up of migrant sex crimes after it emerged a welcome party for refugees held two months before the Cologne rapes descended into a mass groping session.
‘German girls are just there for sex’

What migrant told woman as he groped her in street
GERMANY was rocked by yet more migrant sex attack allegations today after it emerged one refugee told his victim she was “just there for sex” as he groped her whilst another group STONED two women in the street.
I believe that we have established that the Leftist EU governments favor the Islamic imports over the women who are native to their countries. It's good to know where you stand in the hierarchy.

The cover-up unravels: Yet ANOTHER migrant sex attack exposed by brave schoolgirl victims

More young girls and women have revealed the horrifying sexual harassment they have been subjected to at the hands of refugees after being encouraged to come forward by the furore surrounding the mass rapes in Cologne.

Officials in Austria are investigating claims that young asylum seekers were allowed to spend months sexually assaulting girls at their school because teachers did not want to report them to police.
More shocking NYE sex attacks: Gang of men grope and rip clothes off British teen in Paris
A BRITISH teenager has spoken of how her clothes were ripped off in a horrifying sexual assault in Paris on New Year's Eve.
Horror as 'three-year-old boy raped at refugee centre hosting 800 asylum seekers'

A THREE-year-old boy has allegedly been raped at a European asylum centre.

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