Friday, January 22, 2016

National Review Trashes Trump

Suddenly the "conservative" position is that a presidential candidate must be either a politician or a general. National Review has jumped to the aid of the RNC to protect the world from The Donald. In their own form of invective, National Review pulls out all the stops in attacking Trump. I read only a little further than the claim that Trump is not qualified since he is not either a politician or a general. The article descends quickly from there. I say: politicians are the very problem this country faces. By defending them against an outsider, NR has placed themselves into the position of being the problem themselves.

The real problem seems to be this: Trump doesn't give a rip what NR writes; thus NR has lost its clout, lost its influence. The marginalized, the cornered, will strike out viciously with their last bit of energy before being devoured - in this case by the population which they, like the Left, care nothing about. Elitists are where you find them.

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