Friday, January 22, 2016

Racist; Bigot; EveryandAnything-o-phobe.

These words are the weapons of the cowardly Left. Unable to speak to any real issues, they instead bleat these pejoratives en masse like a herd of sheep. The real problem,though, is that many people are hurt by the false accusations, and retreat rather than take down the accusers.

Now these Leftist expletives are coming from everywhere, even from the Right. Anyone with skin in the game of politics now is emerging from under their rocks while throwing these false charges at Donald Trump. It's very true that Trump is not a politician, nor a general. It's also true that he is not beholden to the trolls who control the bridge from citizen to president; he doesn't need them and they can't stop him. That has raised some Rightwing fury to raging expletives usually reserved for use by the weak-kneed Leftists.

If not for Trump, the rubber-stamping of Leftist insults on the USA would continue through the campaigns of "Republican" candidates. The standard Republican approach is to take no prisoners by not offending them in any way. Trump emboldened the candidates who want to "have a country", and infuriated the candidates who don't care but want to be president (!Jeb). Without Trump they all would be knelt before the RNC, hoping for sanctification. But not now, and that has terrified the establishment.

For the past decade or longer, the entire western, "civilized" world has been infected with the cultural poison of the hate words of the Left. One cannot avoid being accused with these invectives if one disagrees with the totalitarian procedures which the Left wants in place. (It went national with any objection to Obama's actions being racist with no discussion allowed). And now it is worldwide.

The British health services and police could not protect their girls from rape due to fear of being called "racists" (Rotherham). The Germans and Swedes and Norwegians suppressed news of the molestations and rapes, for fear of being called "racist". In the USA, politicians regularly claim that there is no connection between Islam and our own mass murder by immigrants, because to claim a connection would be called racist, bigot, and Islamophobe.

These are hate-words which are used instead of "shut up, or be denigrated and your reputation destroyed". They are the modern equivalent of branding an "A" on your forehead to illuminate your sinful status, your hostility to, and deviation from, the ranks of the self-righteous priesthood of the All-New-Morality-and-Sinner-Abasement-Cartel.

The use of these Leftist expletives (even now by the Right) demonstrates the urgent need to stop any communication of either dissent, or (especially) to prevent the release any evidence of the obvious consequences of their defective programs, such as multiculturalism, to name one out of many.

What Trump does, and does better than anyone, is to smack down such attacks and the attackers. And that generates copious hatred, to be sure. But for those of us in flyover country it is a relief to see this spark of courage, or what appears to be courage. Because such resilience to attack by Leftist defamation has not been seen in national politics for too long.

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