Friday, January 1, 2016

The Intersection Between the Leftist Control of Science Fiction and Pedophilia

The continued Leftist SF cabal's glorification of certain science fiction authors who were child rapists is elaborated in this series:
Safe Space as Rape Room: Science Fiction Culture and Childhood’s End
For the Left, morality is an evanescent concept which never rests on absolute grounding. Thus there is a spectrum of behaviors, all of which are "normal", if done by the favored class. There exists no such thing as a conscience, because that would require a grounded morality which could be violated. A flexible morality cannot be violated; it is changeable at a moment's notice because it is made up by the AtheoLeftist to fit his own desires, lifestyle and proclivities of the moment. That's the advantage to declaring yourself to be the sole moral authority in your own personal universe.

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