Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Islamic Caliphate of Britain

Geller: The Nation That Gave the World the Magna Carta Is Dead

Things have not improved in the two and a half years since I was banned. Monday’s Parliamentary “debate” was more like a clown contest, with Islamic apologists competing to see which one could out-bootlick Britain’s Islamic supremacists.

Why did this once great country agree to hold such a debate in the first place? Now in the birthplace of the principle of the freedom of speech, holding opinions that are unpopular with the elites can get you banned from the country. Apparently over 500,000 people signed a petition demanding that Trump be banned. Mind you, another petition calling for a halt to the massive Muslim migration into the United Kingdom gained a similar number of signers, but there was no Parliamentary debate, or any significant political discussion, of that one.

Where also is the Parliamentary debate about the hundreds of thousands, possibly as many as a million, young British girls who were brutalized by Muslim rape gangs? These girls were sacrificed on the altar of Islamic supremacism. For years these little British girls went to the authorities about these Muslim child sex trafficking gangs and the authorities did nothing for fear of appearing “Islamophobic” or racist. But they sprang into action and banned me when they heard I would be laying a wreath at the site of the Lee Rigby beheading on Armed Services Day.

What’s bitterly ironic is that Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron, a lapdog of Islamic supremacists, has just called on immigrants to learn English within two-and-a-half years of arriving in Britain, or face deportation. If Trump had said that, the British left would be working up another petition denouncing him. Will Cameron be banned from the country?

The nation that gave the world the Magna Carta is dead.
Britain is the poster-nation for what happens when AtheoLeftist narrative supercedes both morality and common sense. Girls are literally sacrificed at the altar of political correctness (Rotherham, and other places). Free Speech is dead. The Narrative is Everything, and it is sung from the Muslim spires of Parliament.

Should Trump be banned in Britain, as they wish, and then elected head of the free world, Britain will be marginalized into painful triviality.

From Instapundit:
It’s been a long time coming; Peter Hitchens’ brilliant 1999 book, The Abolition of Britain is an excellent reckoning of how the nation that won the battle over national socialism by the 1970s had nationalized and socialized most of its industries — and its culture as well. The immune system was severely weakened, making the patient’s death in recent years that much more likely.

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