Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Queen of Jordan, and Islam

You'll have to go to the source for the video. But I do recommend it. Watch for the part where she is asked about the criticism of Jordan for not taking in refugees.
Queen Rania wants us to believe something different.
I have discerned two takeaways from this conversation.

First she wants us to believe that what the Qur'an says doesn't matter, because the the bible has bad stuff in it, too; and besides there are a lot of Muslims who haven't attacked anybody yet.

Second, she and Jordan have no intention of taking in any significant numbers of immigrants, who she describes in terms glowing with empathyfor their plight. Well, not actual empathy since she/they want other people to do the dirty work, so let's say a shallow, surface "patina" of empathy.

Again, these apologists for Islam assume, correctly, that few westerners have actually read the Qur'an and the life of the prophet. So they just might fall for the idea that ISIS is not Islamic, and that the heretics are, in fact, the "true" Islamists.

If the west falls, it will be due to the gullibility of far too many westerners.

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