Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trump Voters No Longer Care About Cuckservative Purity Test

The Professional conservatives have given the USA nothing - for 28 years. Now they are trivialized and reduced to whining...
National Review Hoists White Flag, Defiantly Rows To Outcast Island

Let us look at this from a conservative voter's perspective. Not a conservative pundit, who gets paid win, lose or draw.

Having elected Bush 43 in 2000, what did conservative voters get? Another Cabinet office -- the Department of Homeland Security -- and a doubling of the national debt, after having spent the 1990s finally getting the budget balanced again. Oh and they got that jackass John Roberts as the chief justice and chief defender of Obamacare.

I left out No Child Left Behind, which further expanded federal control of local schools. Also, Bush championed the right to home ownership in 2006, which resulted in mortgages for the unworthy in 2007, which led to the financial collapse of the Western world in 2008, which led to President Obama and the restoration of the House of Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Then, came 2010. Tea Party conservatives flipped the House with the best showing in 64 years for Republicans -- a net gain of 63 seats in the House and 7 in the Senate. And what did the Tea Party get? The blame for not taking the Senate -- an effort that would have required an 11-seat gain. That slur -- that slam -- came after the Republican Party abandoned Christine O'Donnell, Sharron Angle, and John Raese.

Many conservative voters no longer care to play by the rules set down by George Will, who derided Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell for drawing the wrath and ridicule of the cast of "Saturday Night Live."

Oh dear. Oh my.

This time, many conservatives just want the wall built. Trump has not always been pro-life and pro-guns, but he is now and that is what counts. He also is unapologetically politically incorrect, to the point of being rude, but being polite has not gotten conservatives a damned thing. Trump is bringing Democrats, independents and unregistered people into the party. Losing just to meet some conservative purity test is a luxury Republicans no longer can afford.

Trump is forming a third party. It is called the Republican Party.
If nominated and elected, he will have to eradicate the perceived power and elite standing of the faux conservatives who have produced nothing but the licking of leftist boots for the past three decades.
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JBsptfn said...

Interesting article about Trump:

How Trump Can Use the Presidency to Enrich Himself

Stan said...

It's possible, although the President can't initiate projects, as far as I know; that is done by the House/Senate which initiates and funds. If Mia Love's initiative to allow only one subject per bill gets passed, corrupt legislation will be reduced considerably. (Which is why it will not likely get past the Senate).

What is far more likely is that Hillary, if president and not indicted for her crony-State Department days, would put her administration into lock-step with Big Finance, Big Pharma, whatever Greens she can create, just like Obama.

For his part, Obama will be well compensated by speaking largesse from the banks and financiers he protected, and pharmceuticals and insurance biggies which wrote the ObamaCare corruption.

The article writer purposefully neglects the massive corruption of the entire Obama administration, and wants to strike fear into those who already hate Trump - standard political screed-script.