Friday, February 5, 2016

Another Way To Deal With FFRF?

Atheists Push the Envelope at Kans. Post Office

If the Freedom from Religion Foundation didn't like one "God Bless America" sign, then 1,500 must have really made its blood boil! That's how many the small town of Pittsburg, Kansas posted on lawns, car windows, and in businesses after the anti-Christian bullies forced the local post office to tear down its 9/11 banner. After standing for more than 14 years, the building sign was a casualty of FFRF's small-town war on the First Amendment.

And while Pittsburg may have lost the banner, they didn't lose the battle. A local businessman was so irate that he worked through the night printing "God Bless America" signs. By the next morning, he'd handed out more than a thousand in 45 minutes. Local twitter feeds started posting photos of the cars lined up to get a copy, as people honked and rolled down their windows to shout their thanks. "It's amazing," said Jason Marietta who was part of the Jake's Fireworks team handing out signs.

The story started catching fire in Kansas -- so much so that U.S. Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins (R-Kans.) and U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kans.) both cheered the town's gumption. "It's outrageous that some would aim to divide a community over a banner that has been proudly displayed since September 11th. I commend the Pittsburg community for rejecting this decision, and I stand with them. The constitution guarantees... freedom of religion, not freedom from religion... Expressions of patriotism, faith, and community should be welcome in our society, and I have contacted USPS officials to express my concerns about their decision." Meanwhile, I'm sure that FFRF will be glad to know that the sign now has a permanent home: on the district office of a U.S. senator.
While this is good, funny even, FFRF did win. The Post Office caved instead of standing up with the courage of the Constitution. But. At the moment it is Obama's Post Office. It probably has its own army to guard against the commoners and clingers.

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