Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bernie: Actually a Schnauzer?

Democratic Debate Recap: Uncle Bernie, the Mini-Schnauzer

"Bernie Sanders, unlike much of the human race, never finds himself in a position of doubting a word he is saying. He has never questioned himself, not even once, since he was twenty and probably younger. He has what my wife Sheryl calls an "animal brain," likening him to our dog Henry who never, ever varies from his DNA-dictated assignment as a "guardian of the barn." That, according to canine manuals, is what mini-schnauzers were bred to do. And I can assure you, they continue in their mission in modern day Los Angeles where there hasn't been a barn in sight for decades.

That is Bernie to a T. He's singing "We Shall Not Be Moved" to a new generation that has never heard it before. For now, many are enthralled. We will see how long it lasts."

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