Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Click Meets Muscle; Doesn't Like It

Irony: Mizzou prof meets “some muscle” of which she disapproves
Click The Dispicable will not fare well after this revelation.
"MU assistant professor of communication Melissa Click’s interaction with a Columbia police officer during the university’s Homecoming Parade on Oct. 10 warrants a conversation with the University of Missouri System Board of Curators, MU Interim Chancellor Hank Foley said Sunday night in an emailed statement.

“Her conduct and behavior are appalling, and I am not only disappointed, I am angry, that a member of our faculty acted this way,” Foley said in a release from the MU News Bureau. “Her actions caught on camera last October, are just another example of a pattern of misconduct by Dr. Click—most notably, her assault on one of our students while seeking ‘muscle’ during a highly volatile situation on Carnahan Quadrangle in November.” …

“We must have high expectations of members of our community, and I will address these new revelations with the Board of Curators as they work to complete their own review of the matter,” Foley said in his statement."
Read it all and watch the video THERE. And I'm thinking "assault on the cop", too.

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