Saturday, February 13, 2016

Euro Feminists Uncomfortable Living In Their Own Paradox

As a pillar of the progressive movement, the feminists want to be on the side of the refugees flooding the EU from the Middle East and Northern Africa. After all, the refugees are an oppressed minority group, and therefore should be on the feminist team fighting the Old World’s white patriarchy.

But the masses of refugees include lots of men. Lots.

In fact, an estimated 75 percent of refugees to the European Union last year were men, and they weren’t exactly keen on fighting for women’s rights.

In fact, most of these guys really like the patriarchy, and a patriarchy far more aggressively anti-woman than anything privileged Western feminists have encountered in the liberal enclaves of Berlin and Brussels.

Attacks on women by groups of immigrant men on New Year’s Eve (most notably in Cologne, Germany, but also in numerous other EU cities) were headline-making, but hardly the first of their kind.

Reports of sexual assault in and around the refugee centers were only quietly acknowledged in the press and political class since they conflicted with the narrative that the EU could, at a steep cost, absorb millions of refugees looking to escape civil war.

Liberal feminists struggled to respond: Some chose to ignore the refugee angle entirely and just blame all men, such as one Canadian feminist who suggested a curfew for all men was in order, writing, “You’ve had your chance, bepenised ones. And you’ve blown it.”

In a debate in the German newspaper Der Spiegel, Alice Schwarzer (described as “the grand dame of German feminism”) bravely acknowledged the unique problems created by this wave of immigration, while Anne Wizorek, representing Germany’s younger generation of feminists, complained about the issue of sexual violence becoming a political tool.

“Now that men with immigration backgrounds have committed sexual assaults,” she wrote, “it is being instrumentalized in order to stigmatize them as a group.”

She added: “I am not denying that the patriarchal structures are stronger in some countries than in Germany. But the core of the problem is not Islam, it is patriarchy.”

Of course, violence against women is nothing new.

But certainly anyone concerned with women’s rights ought to recognize something is going terribly wrong when prominent politicians, such as the female mayor of Cologne, are suggesting women should just keep an arms-length from men in public spaces — a form of victim-blaming that ought to have feminists up in arms.

All of which is why the false Russian-rape story was so difficult for feminists: It helps their position on immigration, but drives a stake through the heart of the assumption that women should always be believed and that they wouldn’t dare lie about something as intimately destructive as rape.
Feminists are the first women one should not believe. The logical contradiction of blaming white men for every problem in their lives, coupled with open doors to the savage males from the middle east, coupled with always believing any female's claim of rape places the feminist in a schizoid intellectual box well outside of observable reality. They live in an alternate universe which is based on emotion-only, where any whine is fact regardless of the contradiction of reality.

The Left ignores these logically deadly positions purely because women are one of their Victimhood Class constituencies, and every whine might generate more constituents, regardless of the irrationality. For sane people, feminists and the Left are seen to be engaging in self-castration.

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Rikalonius said...

“You’ve had your chance, bepenised ones. And you’ve blown it.”

Whose going to enforce the curfew? Women only. With guns, I presume? Ah, the irony is strong with this feminist.