Wednesday, February 24, 2016

More Obama Lies

TO BE FAIR, WITHOUT LIES IT’S BASICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO GET ANYWHERE WITH GUN-CONTROL EFFORTS: Obama Falsely Implies His Gun Controls Could Have Stopped the Kalamazoo Shooter.
"Obama's "executive actions" on gun control included a "clarification" of which gun sellers are "engaged in the business of selling firearms" and therefore must conduct background checks. But even if we assume that more gun buyers will undergo background checks as a result of that initiative (which is by no means assured), it is almost certainly irrelevant to the the case at hand.

The man charged in the Michigan attacks, Jason Dalton, had no criminal record, and he apparently was never compelled to undergo psychiatric treatment either. Police say he used a pistol in the attacks, and they found various other guns at his house. But according to the Associated Press, "there was no indication that he was prohibited from owning the weapons." If so, even the "universal background checks" that Obama wants Congress to require (covering all gun transfers, not just sales by federally licensed dealers) could not have stopped Dalton from buying the weapon he allegedly used to kill six people and wound two others."

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