Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Socialism and Government Prioritization

WHEN OIKOPHOBIA MEETS XENOPHILIA: Asylum seekers given priority for hospital visits: An admission by Austrian health officials that asylum seekers have been given priority for hospital visits has been greeted by angry reaction. "It’s coming as quite a shock to many people to realize that those who govern them feel no particular loyalty towards them."

"The reason is that many asylum seekers need expensive translators to help communicate with doctors, and officials do not want to pay for the translators to sit around waiting.

The problem was highlighted last week when large numbers of people turned up at hospitals because of a flu epidemic, and had to wait to see doctors whilst asylum seekers were given priority treatment.

As part of the asylum process, refugees get a health check. With 90,000 asylum seekers registered last year, this has put a huge strain on health resources.

Austrian officials have confirmed that they have been ordered not to make asylum seekers wait and to give them fast track treatment."

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