Saturday, February 20, 2016

Thought Police: Twitter Suspends Stacy McCain

Stacy McCain has been diligently recording the actions of Feminists. That is likely the reason: the Left doesn't like the light of day shone upon them - witness Melissa Click's attack on a student journalist. Free speech exists only for the "correct" viewpoint. All other viewpoints are Hate Speech and must be silenced.

Twitter is rapidly becoming a Left-only propaganda app. Like most things Leftist, it will eat itself into oblivion as users go elsewhere.
[Image stolen from Vox Day; dunno where he got it]


yonose said...


I'd say the same from every other popular social network. Remember neo-conservatism is a hidden branch of Trotsky's line of thought. Trotskyism is not as ubiquitous as the degradation of dialectical materialism into communism and then into political progressivism.

A progressive view, for the effects any sort of human socialization, brings the worst of "both sides", whether it is liberalism and/or conservatism, and is rather a distorted view of both.

Progressive politics actually are nothing new, and make me remember of the historical facts of the 18th century, when racism was rampant in the whole American Continent and Europe, and when the divisive view of eugenics and dysgenics, was rather made from a political standpoint, and such things were directly discussed.

Anyway, one thing it is for certain, progressive politics do not help to make a society which accept cultural differences from other people but rather. Every social interaction is rather forced because of this line of thought. They themselves make multiculturalism impossible.

Kind Regards.

yonose said...

Excuse my last paragraph. that "but rather"is clearly out of place. Ignore it!!

Kind Regards.

Robert Coble said...

The location is given in the (extremely small) fine print at the bottom of the poster:

Liberty Maniacs: Thought Police Poster from $19.99