Thursday, March 24, 2016

Anonymous Student Uncovers Pit of Irrationality

Law professors: ‘All lives matter’ constitutes ‘white supremacy’ and religious bigotry

"The parameters of debate continue to dwindle at American University.

Dozens of law professors signed an open letter to the entire law school, obtained by Campus Reform, condemning an unknown person who posted a sign reading “all lives matter” on a faculty member’s door just before spring break.

They said that supposedly “benign” message “has become a rallying cry for many who espouse ideas of white supremacy and overt racism, as well as those who do not believe the laws should equally protect those who have a different skin color or religion.”"
Why of course! Now I see. When one says "all", what is really meant is "not all", with specific exceptions in mind. Well, Bernie Sanders caved, the racist; I suspect that at least some of these professors don't accept that dissent must be crushed, even if it is more inclusive than the original premise. Or maybe not; these actually are LAW professors, and many if not most law schools have self-selected for quasi-communists-only when hiring profs. And when I say "quasi", I actually mean "full-blown", "unrelenting", and "mindless", of course.

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