Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Atheist Sociopath: A Testimony Regarding Atheist Lack of Empathy

The first part of this video relates the following, which is why I post it on this blog. The second part is religious in nature, which is not the intent of the blog which is the analysis of Atheism. If you wish to stop at around 2:30 or so, then do so.

To summarize,
Up to 2:30:
Convinced that he was evolved beyond humanity; not held back by emotions; perfectly rational; not in need of rules; “it (disengaging from rules) was an amazing feeling”; “free of everything I’d been brainwashed into thinking about Right and Wrong”; “I decided to kill my dad”; antisocial personality disorder

Beyond 2:30:
Rational analysis; experience as a consequence of prayer; testimony

The interesting aspect of this video is the close association of his Atheism with the analysis of Atheism which is done here. His lack of empathy was liberating, gave him joy and relief from ALL rules (the Atheist VOID); it meant that he was more evolved and superior (elitist); made up his own morality.

After 2:30, he adopts an objective morality and rejects his own, self-created morality.

For a spectacular view of an ex-Atheist describing his Atheism - this time in detail, the following video is recommended:

And the follow-on video is highly recommended as well.

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Phoenix said...

I missed this video the first it was posted but just finished watching both. Very interesting.