Friday, March 25, 2016

Legislating Sanity In North Carolina

N.C. governor signs repeal of transgender protections
It apparently is no longer obvious to the PC Left that having a set of working male genitalia makes one a male who should use the facilities intended for males. Charlotte, NC. got confused on the issue, so the legislature straightened things out for them. But it's not so clear that all legislatures are so disposed; gender confusion is rampant all of a sudden, having become the latest Leftist Class War fad.

It's becoming much more difficult to differentiate oneself from the crowd these days, since almost all behavior aberrations have already been declared acceptable behaviors rather than mental or intellectual deviancies. The Left is running out of deviants to champion in order to be seen as the messianic moral models of elite, evolved ubermenchen.

We are now clearly beyond that stage, and have entered the entropic stage wherein the protected classes attack each other. The prime example here is the entrenched feminists who refuse to accept transsexual faux females as being actual females. This is clearly irresolvable since the female-by-surgical-reduction cannot actually experience existential feminist femaleness, such as menses, birth, lesbianism, hatred of males, etc. So entropy has clearly arrived in this Leftist social system, as it always arrives in other Leftist moral systems. And to the Left, it is always unexpected.

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