Saturday, March 26, 2016

More Victimhood Classes Clash

Black Women's Caucus to Launch
Congressional group answers White House initiative focusing on men and boys

"The caucus is the answer that black women advocacy groups have been hoping for since My Brother’s Keeper launched in 2014.

While the White House Council on Women and Girls aims to incorporate women and girls of color into their initiative, Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper program hit a nerve among minority women groups.

Advocacy groups argued that it was another way black women and girls were being excluded from policy issues. They pointed to the pay gap for black women, the increased number of black girls in juvenile confinement and the brutal treatment black women sometimes receive from police officers, which can include sexual assault."
But... But... what about black transsexual faux women? Where is their caucus? And black transsexual faux men? And mixed-race faux homosexual confused gendereds? What about THEM?? It's so unfair!! Where's my safe space...

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