Friday, March 11, 2016

Sarah On Ted

Cruz has directly insulted those who voted so far for Trump, saying that those voters are "low information, disengaged". Two observations here. Ted apparently feels contempt for a large segment of America; and he really doesn't want their votes, he just wants them to go away so that his share is the top share. Sarah Palin has something to say to Ted about all that:
GOP Majority Voters in Primary are Wayyyyyy Beneath Cruz, So Says Cruz
Go there if you're interested in her documentation on Cruz.

Cruz, like all the other candidates, save one (Trump), is bought and paid for by the filthy rich oligarchs who run the Party, and who also abhor the "will of the people". These are de facto Democrats posing as Republican "benefactors" in order to control candidates in order to destroy dissent to cronyism. And it is specifically cronyism which leads to trade deals like the TPP which is designed to enrich the oligarchs while continuing the reduction of the Common American to third world economic status while importing ever more charity case Democrats. I think it really is that simple. The TV ads, the MSM, the universities, everything except the internet (so far) is dominated by the filthy rich oligarch crony capitalists. They believe that they can control the votes in the direction of cronyism purely because they have done so in the past so successfully. Now their wealth is threatened with a non-subjugated, independent candidate, and their fear is obvious and palpable. Their reaction will be as violent as necessary, and they can afford anything.

Here's a scenario I haven't seen anywhere: The oligarchs drive Cruz into the candidacy. Trump voters don't follow; they form a defacto third party by write-in, splitting the vote. Hillary wins. So the oligarchs have won. Either way they have won, with Cruz or Hillary, just by eradicating Trump from the candidacy.

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