Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Why I Am NOT A Republican, Reason # N^P

We choose the nominee, not the voters: Senior GOP official
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The parties must be destroyed. Period. What ever it takes to return the country to the Will Of The People. These people are tyrants, pure and simple.


Xellos said...

Not all representatives are shit. Take this guy: Robert Morrow. He was elected GOP county chair somewhere in Mexas. His tweets include:

"I like girls with big titties!"

"Rick Perry is a rampaging bisexual adulterer."

"Barbara Bush is a drunken cuckold but she's right about no more bushes in the White House."

"driving them up the fucking wall"

"The RNC is a gay foam party."

"Is Hillary Clinton an angry bull dyke?"

He's basically old 4chan /b/ personified - as insulting, as politically incorrect as one can be. There are people who deserve to be insulted, so he's doing it.
Of course, there are hopes to un-chair him. His response:

"They have no legal avenues. I am chair. I win."

Debunking Atheists said...
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Debunking Atheists said...

Oh, so we do agree. :)

I am out of place in this party, and the reasons are obvious. Our hope is neither with the elephant, nor that donkey, but only with the Lamb. Ron Paul cured my apathy, and I was hopeful, this group assured I remain apathetic with all of it. I guess watching "The Big Short" the other day didn't help either. Good film.