Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Book In The Mail

IM Skeptical has referenced a book (at another blog) called “Incomplete Nature: How Mind Emerged from Matter”. Judging from the reviews, the book focuses not on science, but on complexity speculations and other types of science-fantasy. Skep often refers to fantasy-science as being actual scientific “proof”. Yet it is obvious what they are: pure, unprovable and of course unproven, speculations about the presumptive causes which are declared materially “plausible”, regardless of the impossibility of empirical validation, AND in the face of the demonstration of the realistic implausibility of their actual causality. This applies immediately and forcefully to all evolutionary claims. This book is highly likely to be just one more exercise in fantasy-story-telling-as-science, the pseudo-scientific method popularized by Darwin which replaces the need for objective knowledge with an unprovable narrative.

I will read the book when it arrives with the intent of discriminating the actual science from the story-telling fantasy-science which dominates Scientism today. If I fail to post a review, bug me about it.

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Phoenix said...

Looking forward to your analysis Stan.