Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Another List Item For Why I Am NOT A Republican

Trump staffers face threat of blacklist

Some political operatives shy away from the billionaire for fear of being shunned by other Republicans.

But according to interviews with more than a dozen operatives — including several who oppose Trump, some who support him and the leaders of some prominent D.C. political shops — some of those who go to work for Trump face an implicit, and occasionally overt, threat: Help Trump, and you’ll never work in this town again.

It may be unenforceable, but the push to stigmatize Trump’s aides, advisers and vendors is among the last remaining pieces of ammunition available to a Republican establishment that has tried just about everything else to block the billionaire from taking over of the GOP. And, critically, it has complicated Trump’s efforts in recent weeks to hire top-tier operatives, according to sources familiar with Trump’s campaign.
Trump is the catalyst which has forced the Republican vermin out into the light for everyone to see. What we see is disgusting, almost as disgusting as the Democrats.

I'm outta poporn; gotta make a run.

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