Saturday, April 2, 2016

Blue Contradictions

Blue Contradictions Coming to the Fore
Here's how it works for minimum wage:

Minimum Wage Increase Cycle:
1. Silicon Valley lobbies for increase.
2. Legislature increases to $15.
3. Automation is accelerated, and robots are manufactured in quantity.
4. Silicon valley profits. (As do their politicians).
5. Minimum wage jobs are decreased substantially, affecting the poor.
6. Repeat.

Other examples include: Guild protections for elite professionals that raise prices and reduce opportunity for less-credentialed workers; finance regulations that give hedge funds a leg up on less-sophisticated investors; and a constellation of higher ed regulations that enrich top administrators while impoverishing adjuncts and sending students deep into debt.


In almost all cases, the blue approach will have the opposite of its intended effect, favoring privileged insiders at the expense of those it is intended to help.
That's obvious to anyone who considers the long-time blue model cities, and compares their ghettos to the Democrat operatives who maintain the ghettos. Al Sharpton is a prime example (and he's now preparing his ghettos for post-election riots, should Trump get elected). But every city has its Leftist officials who are lucratively parasitic on their ghetto denizens; that actually IS the blue model.

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