Sunday, April 10, 2016

How Dare They??

Glenn Reynolds:
THE RAGE OF AN ENTITLED RULING CLASS: Sen. Warren: My Opponents Keep “Saying Whatever They Want About Washington Policy Debates.”
If we’re going to start jailing people for political lies, what about your ancestry claims, Fauxcahontas?

These people really NEED censorship, for their own protection. Bogus ideas and lies don't stand up well under scrutiny.
"It’s unsettling, to start with – as critics were prompt to note – that a powerful Senator should seek legal consequences for private actors whose “predictions” in Washington policy debates “prove to be inaccurate.” Predictions about effects are the standard way of arguing about public policy – one side predicts, say, that a certain change in policy will cause a slowdown in business or make some good more costly, the other side predicts it won’t, and eventually we find out who was wrong. Pundits, social scientists, and Senators themselves regularly offer predictions that prove wildly inaccurate, yet ordinarily without legal as distinct from reputational consequences."
If lack of accuracy in predictions were the criteria for punishment, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi would be serving life in solitary.

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