Friday, April 22, 2016

How LOW Can He Go?

There is no bottom to the depths he will stoop to.
Obama weighs in on Brexit again:
US President warns leaving EU would put UK 'at back of the queue' for trade deals

President sparks EU referendum row by telling Brits voting to Remain is in America's interests - and claims US has stake in vote because of American WW2 dead
Threats and Guilt: the sum of the essence of this... human. At least he didn't play the race card, like he usually has done in the past.

Best Comment at the link:
"Nageur Nage 5 minutes ago

To my cousins and friends in the UK. Americans support you and any of your decisions. You are America's greatest friend. To best understand our President simply remember that he is 13 years old. God Bless the Queen and God Bless the Brits."
Hm. He must have had several birthdays that don't show...

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