Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Obama’s Security Advisor: ‘Promoting Sustainable Development’ Will Help 'Defeat ISIL's Ideology'

To defeat ISIL’s ideology for good, however, we must acknowledge the conditions that help draw people to ISIL’s destructive message in the first place. Around the world, countries and communities—including the United States—must continue working to offer a better, more compelling vision. We must demonstrate, as President Obama has said, that the future belongs to those who build, not those who destroy. That includes promoting sustainable development and economic opportunities. It means letting people express themselves freely and participate in the political process. It means responsible governance and protecting the dignity and human rights of all people. Where ISIL offers horror, countries around the world must offer hope.
Let's see. Should I follow the model life of Allah's prophet, or should I get in line for a job, so that the dignity and human rights of all people are protected. Oh, those idealistic democratic Islamics! They most certainly just need jobs in order to express their religious desire for multi-culti societies, where everyone's culture is equal to all other cultures. Didn't Muhammad press forward on that very subject?

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