Monday, April 18, 2016

If You Stand For Nothing, Then You'll Fall For Anything


Phoenix said...

"If you feel like one then no problem". All these arguments seem to boil down to this. This is essentially the Atheist/Leftist version of the "argument from experience".

Robert Coble said...

If I FEEL like I am a 6'5" Chinese woman, then by what authority do the rest of you non-participants in MY reality presume to tell me that I (the perfect god of MY reality) am "wrong?" Get over your cis-normative selves exercising your micro-aggressive heightism, white privilege, and mysogyny (especially those of you who are short, not white, and cis-gendered)!

These are college-level stupids, regurgitating the bilge that they have been taught. Critical thinking, logic and reason are so cisyesterday.

Welcome to the revolution, comrade morons!

Stan said...

Maybe the Donald could just "feel like he's the president for life", and nobody could challenge him. So the White House gets a new TRUMP logo on it, and is painted gold, because that's his reality.

As for me, I feel like I own the state of Massachusetts, and that everyone who is there is trespassing and needs to be out by noon tomorrow. All funds deposited there or in foreign slush accounts are also mine, along with all the yachts and mansions, automobiles, skyscrapers, universities, whateverelse, etc. I feel this very strongly as my personal identity. It could change tomorrow at 12:00:01, if I get bored with it though. Kinda like Cait and her penis issues.