Monday, April 25, 2016

Muslim Immigrants in Germany: Country Must Assimilate Into Them

Political Correctness makes many bad assumptions. One of the worst has been that all people agree with the politically correct principles and that Muslims, for example, actually want to be German, in the sense of changing into good German beliefs and behaviors. But Islam, when taken as the Prophet directed, is pure mind poison.
VIDEO=> Muslim Migrants in Germany Chant “Adolf Hitler” and Allahu Akbar”

Angela Merkel welcomed one million third world migrants to Germany in 2015.
Germany is expecting another million this year.

Muslims in Germany held a protest recently.

The video was posted on April 9, 2016.

The migrants were chanting “Adolf Hitler” and “Allahu Akbar” as they waved the Palestinian flag.

They ought to make great citizens.


Xellos said...

>muslims chant "Adolf Hitler"

Something tells me they wouldn't like how a new Hitler would deal with them...

Robert Coble said...

You would be wrong, I think. The "one and only" (so far) Hitler and the Arabs were in cahoots, thick as thieves, before and during WWII. The Arabs were all-in for the extermination of the Jews. SURPRISE! They still are hell-bent on achieving that same goal. So, what difference does it make? Do you really think the Germans are going to apply the Final Solution to their pets, er, Victims? No appearance of that happening under Frau Merkel, is there? Vee vur all goot liddle NAZIs (oops, Socialists, Islamists, whatever), yah!

Xellos said...

I'm thinking more of a "remove kebab" narrative replacing the "remove Jews (and gypsies, Slavs etc.)". Once again trying to secure Germany for the white people and getting rid of those who could be viewed as a hidden enemy, except for a different reason.

The WWII association of Germans and Arabs was most definitely political. What's the point of making yourself an enemy out of someone who doesn't want to be your enemy and doesn't really have much to do with your country? Especially if you need all the help you can get after you fucked with Russia?

And it seems a lot of Germans are starting to dislike the immigrants, since the most recent elections went very well for a nationalist party (AfD). It will only escalate more as they show themselves to be more of a threat.

They might simply get the SA treatment, used while they're useful.