Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Victimhood Olympics: Why Jews Can’t Have the Holocaust All To Themselves.

Calling out' the Holocaust is the logical end point of the Left's perverse victimhood Olympics
“What we saw at the NUS conference was a display of one of the weirdest trends of our time: Holocaust envy.
In an era when victimhood is the key currency of politics, when feeling damaged counts for more than feeling strong or heroic, when being part of a victimised minority is all the rage, many have started to look with green eyes at the greatest act of victimisation in history. This is why so many groups now cynically exploit the language of the Holocaust to their own ends. Whether it’s PETA grotesquely describing our chicken dinners as a “Holocaust on a plate” or Muslim community groups demanding that war crimes against Muslim peoples be recognised alongside the Holocaust, everyone wants a piece of the Holocaust action.

Worst of all, some radicals now use the Holocaust against Israel itself. They accuse the Jewish State of carrying out a new Holocaust against the Palestinians. Not content with trying to crib some of the moral authority of the Holocaust for themselves, they turn the Holocaust into a battering ram against Jews.

This perverse battle of victimhoods, this ugly oneupmanship among the “oppressed”, is especially pronounced on campuses. There, with entirely straight faces, plummy white middle-class girls will tell you they’re victims of misogyny, and privately educated gay students will claim to be part of an oppressed minority. Being a victim is all the rage, and proving you’re more victimised than everyone else is the main game.

And this is where the “some kind of problem with Jews” comes into play. To the pseudo-oppressed identitarians who run student politics, Jews can’t possibly have a hard time because they’re mainly white and not poor, right? That means they count as oppressors rather than as victims on the infantile and mad scale of Most Damaged Groups drawn up by the posh student brats desperate to feel like victims. And as for the small matter of the Holocaust, the greatest crime in history: well, that will have to be broken down, shared out, turned into something that everyone and everything, even chickens on a factory farm, have experienced at some level.

It’s the grotesque end result of the cult of victimhood: the chipping away at the uniqueness of the Holocaust because foot-stomping radicals from the Home Counties think its super-unfair that Jews get to have such an act of victimisation and extermination all to themselves.
It's interesting to me that the language, "Victimhood" and "Oppressor", are increasingly being used to describe the Left's worldview. The Messiah Class, of course, is the nexus of the Victimhood Class with the government - the power class.

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Robert Coble said...

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! (or should that be "Woe! Woe! Woe!"?)

I call "cultural appropriation" on this one.

Oh, I'm so (N-O-T) sorry: did I culturally appropriate one of the currently fashionable memes of the Left?

I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

We are now living in the largest open-air-head insane asylum that has ever been built by the inmates. It remains to be seen (but not for long) if the insanity "trumps" reality. (No pun intended.)