Thursday, April 21, 2016

Victor Davis Hanson on the Rules For Diversity

The Contradictions of Diversity

Whereas the Founders prized unity, 21st-century America has embraced diversity.
He deserves the clicks: so read it ALL, THERE.


Spoiler Alert: Here's the bottom line:
So what is diversity? It is a catch-all leftist phrase, useful for providing a quid pro quo edge to a particular person largely on the basis of political considerations, as long as he or she is not hopelessly white or conservative — or suspected of being not opposed to either.
If you, like myself, are a white, male, constitutional conservative - then you're screwed. But there is one way out: self-identify as a black, trans-female, lesbian, feminista, pro-abortion activist (you don't have to actually be one, just self-identify that way), or a gender-fluid Syrian Muslim; a proper identity should open doors to wonderful opportunities in Leftoland.

From a different article/author:
The great irony of the cult of multiculturalism is that it rejects the actual diversity of the real world in aspiring for a relentless, pitiless sameness.
In fact, affliction with "difference" scares them into their safe places, furnished with lavender scented puppies and tear-towels.

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