Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Why Is This Even An Issue?

Ben Carson on 2016: Must Have a Process Where the Will of the People is Respected

Carson said he believes whoever is running for President of the United States needs to have a “lifetime of extreme accomplishment,” instead of an ordinary person. The former candidate noted that the nominee should be chose by the people, not the party itself.

“The key thing for me is that we must have a process where the will of the people is respected,” he said. “Whoever the people choose, that is the person that the party needs to get behind, not the other way around.”

He also commented on the political outsider candidate versus the traditional politician in Washington.

“At the beginning of this whole process everybody was talking about having an outsider and how the people were excited about an outsider,” Carson said. “And now, we have an outsider and everybody’s trying to say ‘no, no, no it can’t be an outsider, and we want the traditional person who is backed by the traditional people in the party.’ That’s the person who’s being polished and presented as the solution. The people, I think, are probably going to be a lot smarter than anybody thinks and I believe they’re waking up rapidly and they will make the determination.”
Trump has the magic to produce the public revelation of the evils which dwell in the Republican Party. How amazing it is that his presence, as defective as it is, sends the oligarchists into frenzied and public anti-democratic conspiracies. If it were not for this moral sludge at the heart of the GOP, no one would consider Trump at all. Trump is the effect; the GOP oligarchs are the cause.

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