Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Millennial Stamps His Feet and Turns Blue In The Face

...because the voters don't like standard useless Republicans any more.
Goodbye, Republican Party. And Good Riddance.

"Ruination is obviously what a majority in both parties have enthusiastically endorsed, especially the predominately “conservative,” “Christian,” “Republican” states that turned out in droves for a left-wing vulgarian who, when he’s not bragging of his adultery or fantasizing about dating his daughter or mocking POWs and the disabled, has taken to perpetuating conspiracy theories about how his former opponent’s father killed JFK. Of course, he said this on Fox News while the empty vessels on their morning show sat by and nodded submissively.

But this is par for the course with Trump. He’s not above calling your wife ugly if you cross him or sending his surrogates out to accuse you of being a serial adulterer. As a guy reportedly linked to the mob, and who’s been credibly accused of brutal rape, and who used to pal around with an infamous international pimp and pedophile, you’d think he’d shy away from repeating rumors. But Trump doesn’t shy away from anything, save the truth.

Trump, as Sen. Ted Cruz finally observed hours before the end, is a pathological liar. He lies about everything, all the time, relentlessly. Even when there’s no real need or reason, like when he brazenly lied about Mike Tyson’s rape conviction after Tyson endorsed his campaign. And so on. I don’t need to list all the times Trump strayed from the facts, nor the conflicting positions he’s taken on every issue, nor the litany of other charges that can be leveled against him. All of these things are known, yet he was still handed the banner of the Republican Party and appointed its standard bearer. Let others suffer the degradation of marching behind him. I’ll be somewhere far away, shaking my head in disgust."
These morally superior drones can pack-up and go live in Timbuktu, where they cease to have the ability capitulate to the Left on every possible occasion to do so.

Trump's mere presence is like a colon purge for this human waste. And like a colon purge, once their out, don't let them back in.


JBsptfn said...

Thanks for sharing that, Stan. I can see why this guy is disgusted with the Republican Party. And, in the comments section, it looks like another person is sick of FOX News because they said that they don't watch it anymore. Good. People need to wake up and turn off the propaganda from both sides.

Now, I will switch gears and talk about someone who's special to this site. Guess who's peddling more of his physicalist ideas? Why, Im Skeptical (IMS for short) of course:

Metacrock's Blog: Soft Sell on Hard Problem

Stan said...

There are two mutually exclusive reasons for being disgusted with the GOP:
1. The voters are disgusted with the GOP political bosses and power-operatives who capitulate to the Dems and abandon the GOP voters.

2. The GOP political bosses and power-operatives are offended by the voters who chose to dump them for Trump, despite all the hate and fear-mongering which the GOP power elites produced.

a. The GOPe abandoned their promises to the voters, and cozied up to the Left.
b. The GOP voters abandoned the GOPe.
c. The GOPe abandoned their own principles - AGAIN - by bolting the party and refusing to support the voters' candidate.

So which group consists of the slime which is being charged? The voters? Nope: the GOPe has demonstrated that it has NO principles, while bleating that it is "highly" principled and that their principles should be the only ones that count. Maximum slime in the guise of conservatives: liars and phonies and turncoats who committed virtual treason to their own voters.

BTW, we don't have satellite or cable: No Fox News. Only MSM.

JBsptfn said...

Good. I hope you aren't suggesting that I said that you watch FOX News, though. I was talking about a commenter in the comments section of the article from The Blaze that you linked to.

BTW, what did you think about IMS's reductionist tactics?