Thursday, May 26, 2016

FYI: Stats

Every now and then I post some of the stats for this blog. Today the blog passed the 15,000 mark for published comments, and a couple of weeks ago it passed the 4,000 mark for published articles (Yeh, I know, they are all gems aren't they!). Monthly pageviews are hovering around 19,760 for the last month.

This is obviously a niche blog that would not appeal to everyone. When it started out in '07, I was happy to break 20 reads per day. Now it is commonly in the 600 to 1000 range, topping out at 1.5k/day on occasion. New readers frequently come in after a search on google turns up a page here, sometimes one written years ago. Sometimes they come back, sometimes not.

I do wish that more readers would participate by commenting, one way or another on the subjects at hand. The conversation is what makes it better and more interesting, I think. And I notice that my own style has become more scurrilous (Thanks Fred) as time has worn on. I trust that if I get too far out of line that I will be chastised; there's plenty of folks on the web looking for an opportunity to perform that service.


Phoenix said...


If my reasoning and critical thinking abilities are at least half of yours by the time I hit 60 I'd be a very happy man. Thank you for your determination, committment and persistence in exposing Atheism and its rhetorical tactics. I may not comment every day but I sure do read your articles every day.

Stan said...

Thanks for the compliment, and thanks for being here. I appreciate your presence.