Friday, May 20, 2016

It's Already a Hate Crime in DC

They need security guards in DC grocery stores??
Security Guard Arrested For Removing Man From Women’s Bathroom

Update: Metro PD confirmed to The Daily Caller that they are treating the incident as a “suspected hate crime.”

A female security guard working at a Washington, D.C. grocery store was arrested Monday afternoon for physically escorting a man out of the women’s restroom after he refused to leave because he identifies as a woman.

The shopper — a young, African-American male who identified himself as Ebony Belcher to local news outlets — reportedly passed the security guard on his way into the women’s restroom at a Giant grocery store in Northeast D.C.

After seeing Belcher walk into the women’s restroom, the security guard followed him in and ordered the man to leave. When he refused, the security guard had to physically escort him out of the women’s restroom.

Upon leaving the store, Belcher called police to have the security guard arrested. D.C. police confirmed to NBC4 Washington that the woman was arrested and charged with simple assault. D.C. police told TheDC that they are treating the incident as a “suspected hate crime.”

Belcher told NBC4 that the security guard told him: “You guys cannot keep coming in here and using our women’s restroom. They did not pass the law yet.”
A protected Victimhood Class can do whatever it wants, until a new Victimhood Class is created which supersedes it. In this case, women as a Victimhood Class lose out to the rad new Gender-confused and/or Gender-Liar Victimhood Class. Women are passe' as Victims; Hillary has proven that even rape victims don't matter and get in the way of Progress. So what's a few Ladies Room rapes compared to the pursuit of parity for the sexually disordered? Moral priorities must change with the Progressive Fad Du Jour.

It's only a matter of time until all the DSM disorders are normalized and subssequently replaced with the single disorder: Constitutional Conservatism Disorder.

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