Saturday, May 28, 2016

Quote of the Day

From a commenter to a Youtube video:
"You are not liberated by your beliefs, it just gives you the illusion of liberation and justifies your actions in your own mind."
When you have rejected all grounded processes of thought you become captive of your own fantasies which are ungrounded in reality.

When you believe that your fantasies are superior to the grounded thoughts of the masses, you become "superior".

When you become "superior", you become "elite".

When you become "elite", you know that you can manage the lives of the masses better than they can.

You have then slid the slope into totalitarianism.

As a totalitarian you believe that you can define reality for everyone, and that your "morality" says that you should do so.

After all, it's for THEIR benefit that you save them from their delusional dissent.


JBsptfn said...

Good quote. That's probably what happened with people like Hitler.

BTW, you know that link you posted below about Dawkins and the CADRE link you linked to? Well, IMS is back on that site flapping his gums about the fact of evolution in his most recent post.

Stan said...

IMS is a lost cause, and cannot be rehabilitated at this point in his life. But it's fun to tweak him every now and then.