Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Surprise! Facebook Exonerates Itself. (Now With Update).

In the memorandum referenced below, Facebook outlines its procedures and guidelines. It also lists the retro-testing done in order to find any imbalance in political content which is accepted for publication in "trending". The counsel for Facebook says that no imbalance was found.

This quite possibly is the truth. But under normal jurisprudence no defendant would be allowed the final say in the truth of his own subjective claims. Facebook should know, if only intuitively, that objective, disinterested investigation is necessary. That means by outside sources which are not invested in Facebook.

Taken in context of other Facebook activities which seem to breech ethical principles such as privacy, the memorandum seems comprehensive yet not persuasive. And the lack of a disinterested investigation contributes to skepticism.
Facebook Memo to John Thune
The objective truth of the situation will probably never be known for certain.

Too fat for Facebook: photo banned for depicting body in 'undesirable manner'

Facebook has apologized for wrongly banning a photo of plus-sized model Tess Holliday for violating its ‘health and fitness’ advertising policy
Don't EVEN try to censor Feminists!

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Steven Satak said...

Bottom line is: vote with your feet. What do you use it for? Do you understand that YOU are the product Facebook sells? Don't put anything up you wouldn't want Pol Pot to see, and don't expect them to be politically neutral. No one with so many billions of dollars is ever neutral on anything.