Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Unfortunately, This Is True

The problem is that the hideous current state of the USA is the fault of the staid Republicans just as much as the Obamacrats and university/Education Dept Leftists. The Republicans did virtually nothing with the power of the legislative branch to change the corruption. And those Republicans are both unapologetic and clueless about their voter base. Trump is the ONLY candidate who is an advocate for the nation as a nation, and who is not beholden to the views of the filthy rich donor class.

From Vox Day:
"We really don't care about his myriad flaws. If Trump stripped naked in front of television cameras at the Washington monument, did a little pole dance, confessed to a daily cocaine-and-call-girl habit, then promised to put every Congressman and Senator on trial, he'd gain five points in the polls. Maybe ten.

We have watched the twin establishments of the bifactional ruling party methodically dismantle everything that the United States of America used to be for the last 24 years or more. They gave us Clinton, then Bush the Younger, and then the parody that is Soetoro/Obama. They could be selling the cure for cancer with one free Victoria's Secret model in every box and the American public still wouldn't buy it.

If all Donald Trump does is build a big beautiful wall and start sending Mexicans and Muslims back home, we don't care if he gilds the White House, puts his logo on it, and turns it into a combination strip joint and head shop."
Without Trump, the borderless world touted by John Kerry last week will be inevitable, and the zero-sum philosophy of the Left will reduce all nations to the equality of third world Muslim dictatorships under Sharia.

The choice is stark. Global Sharia, or Trump. Under Trump, we at least get our borders back. If that's all, that's enough for the short term.


Steven Satak said...

Every time I see a Republican't or a Dimmycrat slander, slur or just plain make shit up about Trump, the more inclined I am to vote for the man.

If people like that don't like him, he must be doing *something * right. Because damn sure none of those people care a fig about me.

Stan said...

It is outrageous that Americans must be associated with one of two political parties in order to be elected to public service. It is outrageous that candidates must kiss the rings of filthy rich potentates in order to be acceptable to the political party. The political party system is controlled and manipulated by Bosses, and as Trump and Sanders have proved, the Bosses determine who is acceptable, not the voters.

So the voters get to choose between Boss-accepted candidates, just like in China. And just like in China, the Bosses generally agree on policy as the RINO Congress has demonstrated in the past few years.

The government encourages the two party system by implementing the primaries at taxpayer expense.

The primaries should be eliminated from government-sponsored voting systems. That would demonstrate the private organization aspect of the parties, and would force them to fund their own systems for selecting candidates.

The Republican party renegged on Trump by forcing him to support the ultimate candidate, but then not supporting Trump as the ultimate candidate.

I think it would be interesting to see Trump bolt the party, leaving them without a candidate, and form a new "Great America" party. And I hope that Sanders does something similar.

There is no reason that America should have only Boss-approved Republicans and Democrats to vote for.