Tuesday, June 28, 2016

As For The AGW Models...

'Rule-breaker' forests in Andes and Amazon revealed by remote spectral sensing

"They discovered that the leaf economics of forests are not as straightforward as scientists once believed.

"We found that Andean and Amazonian forests have evolved into diverse communities that break simple ecological 'rules' previously developed through field-based studies. These forests are actually much more interesting and functionally diverse than previously thought, and have sorted themselves out across a variety of environmental templates like geology, elevation and temperature," Asner added.

It turns out the forests aren't so simply split between high-rollers and prudent investors either. Rather the authors found a continuum of forest canopy nitrogen, phosphorous, and leaf mass relationships that are sensitive to the enormous range of geophysical conditions found throughout the region.

Why do these findings matter?"

Why indeed. The computer models used to be the final word on the subject, and were claimed to be highly accurate representations of the earth and its eco-systems. In reality, the modelers have no clue as to the bio-responses to warming, much less the purely visual clues which Michael Mann claims prove the human causation. It is no co-incidence that Mann is the one selected to represent the "science" to the eager Democrat True BelieversTM. It is easy to profit from AGW, and Mann is prolific in that pursuit.

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