Monday, June 6, 2016

Bogus "Science"

Physicists discover an infinite number of quantum speed limits

"In order to determine how fast a quantum system can evolve from one state to another, it's necessary to be able to distinguish between the two states, and there are multiple ways to do this. In the new study, the physicists used a general method based on information geometry. From a geometric perspective, two distinguishable states can be represented by two points on the surface of some shape, such as a sphere or other manifold. Previous research has shown that there are an infinite number of corresponding metrics that can be used to measure the distinguishability of two quantum states.

In the new study, the physicists have shown that each of these metrics corresponds to a different quantum speed limit. The "strictest" quantum speed limit is determined by the metric that gives the shortest distance (also known as a 'geodesic') between the two points, or states, as measured along the manifold's curved surface.

"A different quantum speed limit arises from each of these metrics in such a way that the tightest bound for a given dynamics is specified by the metric whose geodesic is best tailored to the given dynamical path," explained coauthor Marco Cianciaruso, also at Nottingham."

Good Grief. Anyone who took solid geometry (I did as a high school junior) knows that there are an infinite number of paths between to points on a sphere, but only one shortest one. And that's all that this says. It took "previous research to figure this out? I'll bet the report ends with, "more study is required, and more funding is essential".

And certainly this massive prognostication regarding the value of their "findings":
"Our findings are expected to have an impact on the fields of quantum information, computation, simulation, and metrology," said Diogo Soares-Pinto at the Sao Carlos Institute of Physics, who supervised the project."


JBsptfn said...

What people like this do should be called Fund Mining, not Science.

JBsptfn said...

You guys have to check this out:

Weekend Fisher: Why I Would Like my Christian Friends to Consider that Rational Thought is a Natural Phenomenon

Now, first off, this guy is a Christian. I just want to get that out of the way.

However, this is what he said in the comments:

Quote"I think the situation for the "non-material mind" camp now is comparable to what it was for young-earth-creationists 10 years before Darwin: it was a rational belief at the time ..."Quote