Monday, June 13, 2016

English Grammar is a MicroAggression

Never mind that concise meanings in language usage are required for actual comprehension of received concepts; good grammar is insulting these days.
"Let’s set aside for a moment the perennial discussion of whether or not English is the “official language” of the United States and ponder if, in the public square, it’s too much to ask that we simply allow the language to be spoken properly where it’s in use. Apparently so, at least if you ask the Social Justice Warriors. “Vietnamese femme” Alex-Quan Pham has taken to the pages of Everyday Feminism (?) to lecture us on how sticking to the accepted rules of grammar is offensive to those who are uncomfortable with how English makes them feel. In a piece titled, “3 Ways Language Oppression Harms Us (And How We Can Heal)” the author reminds us of the damage we can do by attending English class.
We are told that there is one correct form of English, and deviating from grammar and pronunciation rules associates us with the working class. Not only is this classist, but it fortifies the idea that English has a “proper” form — even though every variation of English has been constructed.

The kind of English that is privileged in job interviews, for instance, was made up like every other kind of English; it has no special value. But we’ve been taught that the version of English that middle-class white people speak is “correct.”…

Immigrants of color are especially made to feel ashamed of their own languages, because their languages remind them that they are not white. Their languages remind them that who they are and where they come from will always taint them in the eyes of America.
Pham is clearly quite concerned about this because he goes on to describe the concept of Language Justice and how we can all work together to remove the yoke of oppression from those who don’t conform to racial and “heteronormative” standards.

I’ll save myself a considerable bit of ranting by referring you to the response from Katherine Timpf at National Review. There’s no need or desire to discriminate against people who are dealing with English as a Second Language (ESL) issues, but that doesn’t make it offensive to speak English properly either.
Hey, Pham? Nice try, but — nope. What constitutes correct English has nothing to do with class or race, only with whether or not it complies with that unbiased, hard-and-fast rules of the language. It’s completely objective, and the fact that you insist on putting quotation marks around the word as if it were some sort of subjective idea is insane…

Now, clearly, anyone who would judge someone such as an immigrant or a person who has not had access to proper education for not knowing perfect English is a complete jerk. But to deny that there even is a correct version? Well, that’s just denying facts.

Note: To be fair, Pham’s piece isn’t entirely made up of whining. No, they also offer a solution — “use PayPal to send twenty or more dollars to an Indigenous femme” — which is definitely something I will get right on now that I am done writing this."
Actually it's the fact that whites even exist in the originally-white western democracy to which aliens flock that is the problem for these racists against whites. Non-assimilation is just refusal to accept the culture into which you attach yourself. Demanding that the culture change specifically for you is culture war.

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