Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gersh Kuntzman, the AR15, and the .50 BMG

Gersh Kuntzman wrote a LEFTIST fairy tale article about visiting a gun shop and shooting an AR15.

The gun shop has declared the article to be bogus and false. The "journalist" cynically used the shop and its owner to push his own activist agenda by lying about the experience.

The gun shop owner took a lot of heat for allowing a "journalist" even in the front door. But this guy is not an American originally and claims to be from "eastern Europe" (I think), and if so, he probably thought that western press is interested in facts. If he is truly an ignorant ingenue immigrant, he deserves some slack.


Rikalonius said...

That dude needs a good slathering of gyne lotrimin over his whole body. Though more likely it is a case of extreme embellishment for the purpose of scaring the uninitiated.

Robert Coble said...

At least he exposed himself to a real gun. Tom Brokaw called for the banning of AR14‘s — a gun that does not exist. Maybe he was so triggered by the mere thought of getting anywhere near an "assault" rifle that he had Pre-Triggered Stupid Syndrome. I can hear the Intrepid Reporter, An American Story, now:

"I heard the rattle of AR14s as we approached the airfield landing zone, so I took control of the Black Turkey helicopter and shot all of those paranoid gun nuts with my TommyWhack missiles before they could kill Queen Vagina I as she was walking down the red carpet. I understand that I am now on the short list to become Her Majesty's Press Secretary. Long live the Queen!"

Yeah, Tommy, keep that unbiased and informative news comin'. . .

The TRUMP train is FINE!