Monday, June 6, 2016

In a Society Where There Are No Perversions, Only Spectrums of Behaviors...

...why should we worry about these people, much less try to save them from their chosen diversions?
New chemsex drugs could be responsible for surge in HIV and hepatitis infections

"The use of recreational drugs during sex is leading to poor condom use and an increase in promiscuity and high-risk practices, warn doctors

Last December I had a letter from a worried parent because she’d found out her son was having chemsex. Even in the short time since then the British Medical Journal has highlighted the dangers of drugs and sex.

Chemsex is a word used mostly in relation to men who have sex with men (MSM), and describes the use of drugs during sex, which is increasingly leading to unsafe sex and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Gay sex has a long history of sexual liberation and drug use, says David Stuart, substance-use lead at London’s 56 Dean Street sexual health clinic.

He pointed out three new drugs where ­recreational low-harm drug use has become acceptable, methamphetamine, ­mephedrone and GHB, gamma ­hydroxybutyrate, which are anything but less harmful.

They cause loss of sexual inhibitions and are associated with poor condom use, more sexual partners and high-risk sexual practices.

And, according to Professor Jane Anderson, a consultant HIV physician at Homerton Hospital in Hackney, these substances are ­associated with unsafe sex, plus more and more people are injecting these drugs too. "

We are fully conditioned not to care what these people do with their bodies: it's their bodies to do with as they will. It's called "liberation", isn't it? So, fine. Let them do as they wish. It's no longer anyone else's responsibility, certainly not mine OR the government's. Their behavior is NOT aberrant, by definition. It's their business, and theirs alone. So let's butt out, to coin a term.

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