Thursday, June 2, 2016

Kristol Helps Kill The Republican Cuckservative Hegemony

By now you've probably heard that Bill Kristol, self-anointed King-Maker, has chosen this nearly completely unknown cuckservative, David French, to siphon off votes from Trump. For a look at French (another of the National Review "never-Trump brigade), here is an article he wrote for NR. Notice immediately that Class War is at the top of the article: Trump is classified as a member of the Class: "cave man".

What French represents is the idea that being nicey-nice to the culture warriors is the definition of a sophisticated, modern "man". Yep. That works. As with ISIS, Stalin and Hitler, being nice to SJWs just gives them more power.

What this really entails is the last of the elitist barriers crashing down, as Kristol desperately plays scorched earth as he anticipates the coming rout of the Republican "establishment RINO capitulators". What the millions of Trump voters think is of value holds no force for the Cuckservative Oligarchy, which would rather see the death of the party than to relinquish control to actual voters.

Unless Bernie can siphon off enough write-in votes from Hillary, if the billionaire support for this French guy produces a large campaign against Trump, then Hillary will win. French cannot win; Most of Trump's support will not fade. With both Hillary and French attacking Trump, he will not have enough votes in all likelyhood.

I think that the Republican RINO cuckservatives should take the fainting goat as their emblem. (Go belly up when in the presence of a Democrat, and surrender before standing for anything).


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