Monday, June 6, 2016

"Red State" Supports Rioters

‘Red State’ Editors Support Democrat Mob Attacks on American Trump Supporters: ‘Deserve to be Beaten’

Embittered “#NeverTrump” consultants and bloggers are ragging on American voters who support presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, telling them they “deserve to be beaten,” as Americans are chased down and assaulted for merely attending a U.S. political rally.

Neil Stevens, a contributing editor to the “Red State” blog, believes that Americans should be attacked by Mexicans for supporting a candidate who promises to enforce U.S. immigration laws.

Stevens complained Trump supporters “deserve to be beaten” by Democrat hordes and illegal aliens burning the American flag, and that Trump is a “Nazi.”
You deserve to be beaten if you join a movement whose leader encourages the beating or protestors like "in the good old days."
— Neil Stevens (@presjpolk) June 3, 2016

The Trump movement is no more civilized than the radicals protesting them. They deserve each other.
— Neil Stevens (@presjpolk) June 3, 2016

I warned you he was a Nazi. You didn't listen. Now you have street fighting like Weimar Germany. #NeverTrump
— Neil Stevens (@presjpolk) June 3, 2016
Similarly, “Red State” contributing editor Ben Howe sneered at a woman who supported Trump attacked by a mob:
And all she did was try to make America great again.
— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) June 3, 2016
Like most of the “Never Trump” lickspittles, Stevens and Howe appear to exhibit aggressiveness mostly towards voters who protest against mass illegal immigration and the severe criminal, cultural, and economic problems it brings to America.
How any state in America can exist a “red state” after uncontrolled Third World migration takes place remains unclear.
Lost in all this is the FACT that the "immigrants" are illegally entering the USA, enabled and abetted by Obama and the Democrats in committing their crime. The term "illegal" means nothing to them, either the illegals or the Democrats, and they have become blatant in their lawbreaking in the past 7 1/2 years. There is no "nation under laws" for the Democrats. They are unlawful renegade revolutionaries. And they have been in charge.

Red State is merely a group of ex-power brokers who are whining pitifully because they have been marginalized into total triviality by a population which chooses national strength over unprincipled crony capitulation. Cuckservatives in their death throes. Losers.


Talon said...

I don't support the use of violence against people of any stripe attending a rally, though I understand how some participants might be frustrated enough to lash out. What I don't understand is why Trump supporters would cry foul, it seems disingenuous, as Trump himself has pined for the "good ol' days when (a disruptive protester) would be carried away in a stretcher", "get punched in the face", "have the crap knocked out of him", "be ripped out of his seat so fast" etc. Trump isn't exactly repelled by the idea of small-scale violence or "rough treatment"; he's expressed an eagerness to respond in kind making him appear tough and confident, his popular campaign thrives on the controversy it generates, and the aggression electrifies and further polarizes his supporters and opponents alike.

Trump has been wise enough to try and avoid potential riots or venues too large and too liberal to effectively secure, hence the cancellation of the Chicago rally, but the relatively minor scuffles have only worked in his favor. A few thrown punches = win/win/win for Trump.

Stan said...

So you're saying that Trump actually caused the violence, then, because of his words? Interesting. because his response to violence is violent, he is responsible for the original violence.