Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Donald Trump "Violence" Video

The video of Donald Trump inciting violence is an interesting piece of truth-twisting. I can't figure out how to embed the video here (no embed code is included), so you'll have to go HERE to view it. And you should, if you care about any of this.

The most interesting part is audio of Trump spewing his "I'd like to punch him in the face" rhetoric, while the video actually shows actual DEMOCRAT VIOLENCE AGAINST BLACKS in the DEMOCRAT Jim Crow states.

Not only is this a demonstration of the total unconsiousness of the Leftist videographers, it also shows the ignorance of anyone who passes this along as representative data.

Trump certainly should have shut up. He should have said "take him on outta here"... and shut up. He didn't, and that reflects directly on him. However the discrimination and violence done to the blacks in the video was not Trump, it was purely DEMOCRATS.

Connecting Trump to the DEMOCRAT VIOLENCE is beyond irrational; it is prejudicial and obscene.


Hunter said...

I don't even know what "good old days" violence Trump was wanting a return to. I don't even know if he knows.
If Trump put out a video of what examples of violence he wanted to return to then he'd still be calling for violence and that does not play well with middle America.
The video had parts from Greensboro NC, Jackson MS, Montgomery AL and Birmingham AL. Not places that people today associate with Democrats today.
The number of videos from rightwingers about Trump's "Christianity" and Trump's "conservatism". It doesn't look good. I doubt he can capture the middle he needs to win.

Stan said...

The middle which still has standards also wouldn't vote for Hillary. And I'm not sure that Bernie's Bros will, either. So the election remains very interesting. Trump has not yet started on Hillary; I don't know how she could withstand a full frontal assault, and I expect nothing less from The Donald.