Saturday, June 4, 2016

Violence and the Left.

The Class War and Identarian politics and policies promoted by the American Left has led to the racial schisms which produce the violence directed at attendees of Trump rallies. Now there is the idea that when the people leaving the rally PUNCH BACK, they are responsible for violence. The absurdity is being repeated often enough that it is obvious that the intent is to put the blame for the violence on Trump himself, for his supposed identarian statements, opinions NOT ALLOWED.

The constant class war from the Left has brought to fruition that which they falsely accused their hated opposition of from the start: white identity as a class, in the class war. The Tea Party was blamed for that, despite members of all colors-as-identities. But the consistency of the racial attacks from the Left has pushed whites into the position of defense, as a group, a class created ad hoc by the Left. The result is the acknowledgment that in the USA, the Class:Whites is under attack by numerous forces of racialists, from Holder and the DOJ, Obama, and the Leftists in the administration's bureaucracy, the judicial branch in certain states, to the Leftist organizations like ACLU, Southern Poverty Center, etc.

So the Left has successfully created what it really wanted: a coherent group to hate and attack.

This will very likely progress quite a bit further during the rest of the year. By "progress" I mean both increase in violence (blamed on Trump of course - the Left is "so enraged by Trump that they can't suppress their violence"), and also to follow the Leftists desire to foment violence based purely in racial hatred ("Make USA Mexican Again").

The Left's unsurpassable ability to take violent offense at any and all things uttered by both conservatives and specifically Trump is directly related to their presumption of moral authority to which they have anointed their elitist selves. If their every thought is moral without question (and that is the case they reassured us), then opposition is oviously Immoral without question. And that Immorality deserves only to be stamped out, as the Leftists install their own version of moral opinion (secularism and Class War) into both government and culture. After all,dissent is immoral and produces uncontrollable hysteria in those who hear it.

Because their own version of morality is just opinion without actual authority, the natural conclusion of Leftist Progress is always a disagreement between elitists as to the minutiae of "moral" decisions. This is closely followed by the eradication of one side of the debate by the other side of the debate: totalitarianism ensues as one opinion becomes the sole allowable dogma. This process is fully moral under the definitional understandings of the successful Progressive who emerges hegemonically intact at the end, which is the beginning of full repression of all contrary thought that might remain in some cranny somewhere.

Thus a Lenin is mysteriously disabled and a Trotsky is mysteriously struck in the brain with an ice-axe, leaving a Stalin without opposition. But like with Lenin, it always starts small. So the self-righteous, moral violence is justified, even against Progressives themselves as the Will To Power (the real moral principle) plays out.

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