Friday, June 17, 2016

Why I Oppose Using the "No Fly List" to Stop Individual Gun Sales

First. The No Fly List is a restriction of individual rights without prior conviction of any guilt. It is a presumption of guilt, not a presumption of innocence. The Left wants that ability: to restrict rights without any restrictions for themselves in their use of power against common Americans. The Second Amendment should be a clear defeater for that restriction.

Second. Many people have suffered from mis-identification. There are many people with the same name.

Third. This thrust for restricting sales would not work; any reasonable person can get someone else to buy his weapons.

Fourth. The attackers so far have not been on the No Fly List. The problem is not solved, but the Leftist gun haters would be mollified - until the next time.

Fifth. The difference between potential and actual is being blurred. Anyone can be charged with being a potential terrorist/rapist/criminal/traitor. What matters is the person who is an actual terrorist/rapist/criminal/traitor. This is an inconvenience inherent in freedom and lawful societies.

This last item places the nasty dilemma fully onto the country. It is not until it is fully recognized that Islam itself will not assimilate, cannot assimilate into western democratic free society that the solution can be presented. The guilt is traceable to the Life of Muhammad, the teachings of Muhammad, The Muhammadan Qur'an, hadiths and the entire history of Islam. Under Islam as Muhammad's example and exhortations define it, Islam's hegemony is treasonous to any society which allows it entry. All laws and customs must be overthrown, and Islam/Sharia installed in their place. The worldwide Caliphate is not imaginary.

Would there be a problem restricting any other overtly treasonous ideology? No treasonous ideology and its adherents should be allowed free access to the rights of western free society. They should be restricted as any treasonous ideological adherent would be.

There is no such thing as "peaceful" Islam. There is only Muhammad's Violent Conquest Islam, and Heretical Faux Islam which is only a dim, highly filtered reflection of Muhammad's Islam.

In the past, assimilation was assumed to be a part of all immigration because it was also assumed that the immigrants wanted to become American. That assumption cannot be the cased for the followers of Islam. Because Islam overtly demands punishment for non-Islamics, and specifically forbids assimilation, Islam is a treasonous ideology. And for that reason Islam of any form is an obvious enemy of the free countries which it invades.


Robert Coble said...

"Second. Many people have suffered from mis-identification. There are many people with the same name."

For an example of how stupid government (as exemplified by typical government employees) can be, consider this little "life" story:

I have to get an annual criminal background check in order to be licensed by the state for my job as a Security Officer. If there is ANYTHING on my record, no license; no license, no job.

The first time I applied, the clerk in the Clerk of Court office did an ONLINE search of County records based on first name, last name. THAT IS HOW THEIR RECORD SYSTEM STORES INFORMATION ON CRIMINALS. Not, by SSN, not by ID number, BY FIRST NAME, LAST NAME. Imagine my sense of horror when he turned up 5 PAGES of criminal history, supposedly on ME! He then went through the list item-by-item, asking me if I was African-Amercan (I'm not), if I had ever lived at such-and-such an address locally (I had previously lived out of that state for nearly 40 YEARS!!), and so forth, eliminating each entry from consideration based SOLELY ON MY WORD. Eventually, we went through the entire list, and nothing remained. WHEW! Unemployment bullet successfully dodged!

Fast froward a few years, and I'm back getting the annual criminal background check, with a new clerk handling the inquiry. This time, the clerk asked no questions of me. He simply printed out the 5 pages of nonsense, stamped it "Official Record" and told me to go pay my $25 to get the hard copy. When I informed him that I did NOT have ANY record whatsoever, he looked at me with that typical bored "whatever, dude" government employee look, and said that he could not do anything about it; the record was the record, so deal with it. I went back to my boss and was informed that if that was the "official" record, then he would have to terminate my employment immediately. So, I went back to court (same day), and asked to see the Clerk of Court, for whom I had worked in the past. She asked to see the record, and then called in that little bureaucrat numbskull and forced him to clear my record properly. (He pled "gnorance" on his behalf; I was not forgiving of his professional "ignorance.")

What would have hapened if I had NOT previously worked for the Clerk of Court?

I would have lost my job, and would have had to try to find a lawyer (while UNEMPLOYED) to try to get the record cleared. Even then, it was not clear that I could do that, since the records were only kept by first name, last name. It turned out that there were several people in the local area with the same first name, last name as mine. We did NOT share the same middle name, even though my middle name was from a black man that my mother's family admired very much.

This is the same bureaucratic idiocy that is the basis of the "No fly" list.

Stan said...

Whaaaat? I heard that "government is just stuff we choose to do together".

Robert Coble said...

I love the "Magic Dirt" hypothesis. Just move an individual (and his family and his near relatives and his far relatives and his not-even relatives. . .) to the location of choice, and the "Magic Dirt" will cause automatic conversion of culture from that of the originating location to that of the new location through the "magic" process of assimilation because of DIE-VERSE-CITY. For example, consider The Islamic-Supremacist Enclave in Minnesota. So which is going to triumph in the clash of cultures in Minnesota? My money is on the Somalia Islamists. You native-born (especially YT) Americans will be assimilated into the Ummah/Borg Collective as second-class citizens. Enjoy your dhimmitude, suckers!

Stan said...

Maybe we could invite Minnesota to join Canada; they're fond of Muslims up there from what I hear. But wait! If Canada goes all Sharia on us, how long before they start shooting rockets at us, and blowing themselves up in buses? (Are Somalis Shia or Sunni? I can't find my scorecard).

Anonymous said...
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Xellos said...

Anonymous: This is bait.

Stan said...

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