Sunday, July 10, 2016

Black Panthers: Just More JV's

Obama Justice Department Laughed Off Armed New Black Panther Threat
Let's see. Blacks and Muslims are protected Victimhood Classes, right? So we need to worry about the Tea Party, those terrorists are the threat... to the Left, at least.


Phoenix said...

Atheists brag they are good without God. But somehow they always fail to mention they can be evil without religion.

After the Orlando shooting Maher said on his show that such incidences involving killing of gays always forces them to ask; "Which religion is responsible this time?" He was quickly corrected by his guest that even though there are anti-gay Christians, a muslim is always the perpetrator in these shootings, to which he reluctantly conceded.

Given the history of atheists and mass shootings, one is forced to ask;"Who is it this time, an atheist or muslim?"

If gays or jews are not the targets then it is safe to say it's an Atheist.

Steven Satak said...

I swear, it's like the whole Obama administration is infected.

It's like they bend all their power towards ferreting out the way to solve a given problem to the benefit of the American people, both at home and abroad. They come up with the ideal solution.

Then they come out and do the exact opposite.

Vin said...

More stupidity from the extreme Right. The article brings up stuff from 2009-2010 what is the point!? Are they suggesting anybody associated with the black panthers should have been arrested over thr last 6 years so that Dallas wouldn't happen? As if that would change anything. Every American has the right to assembly. This article proves the point that many white conservatives jusr don't get it.

But not all! Read this, that's smart. Gives me hope the Right will get its shit together

Stan said...

If you want to be a Leftist asshole, go do it somewhere else. If you have something intelligent to contribute, then do it. Otherwise, you are going to get your stupidity erased.

No, not every American has the right to assembly. Treason, insurrection, criminal activities are not allowed.

2009/10 are old history to you? When were you born, after 9/11? Not even a millennial?

As for your Leftist arrogance, go on down to Leftist Venezuela; it's working full steam down there. But take your own food, toilet paper, medicines, and protection from riots and crime: you'll need it. But seriously, go there. Then report back as to how wonderful Leftism is.

Vin said...

I am sick and tired of the extreme right hijacking our country like that. You clearly didn't bother clicking on the link I shared. Not all conservatives are idiots like you who think that evil comes only from the left, blacks, muslims or Democrats. If the Right had not been corrupted by irrational racist Tea Partiers, we might still have a chance to make things better. Now it's too late and Trump and his supporters will make us lose the election. We'll have to suffer another 4 years of Liberals managing the economy because of xenophobic religious fanatics.

Fucking moron Stan even thinks pointing out his idiocy means one must be a 16 yo communist!! My children are older than that!!!! Leftists on thr other extreme are progressing freely because of religious idiots on the Right who cannot separate responsible conservative economics from their ancestral backward views which they want to impose on everything

Stan said...

A juvenile always betrays himself with his limited language skills. Language and logic are closely related. When a person cannot communicate without the use of the word "fuck", and the pejorative "idiot", the mental abilities are fully exposed to the world. This seems always to come from the arrogant juveniles of the Left, whose intellects froze at the middle school stage of adolescence. Their search for some sort of meaningful "self" is stymied, because there is nothing left to do which will allow the to differentiate themselves from the other frozen juvenile intellects - all the outrageous possiblities have been done to death, and there is no outrage at anything anymore, no matter how stupid the stunt, or how dreary the affectation of intellect where there is none. Purple hair and blue tatoos all over are no longer signals of anything. Even Leftist virtue signalling is going out of style because it is so stupid that it is boring, and cannot outrage anyone. It's all been done before, and it leaves only retro-hippie signalling, which is even stupider.

The Left is so singularly stunted and without any originality that only violence can now provoke the normal folks, those who are not part of the Victimhood Class of Protected Mental and Personality Disorders. Having nude sex in the streets of SF is old hat: been done. Queer sex at rest stops: been done. Men in the girl's locker room: been done. Crying about false rape except for real Muslim rape: been done. Marrying donkeys, bridges, trucks, and yourself: been done. Killing cops: been done. Setting the government to persecute constitutional believers: been done. Giving American uranium to the Russians: been done. POTUS who absolutely defies all laws and defies Congress: been done. Giving Iran the nuke: been done. implementing the rise of Boko Haram: been done. Leaving Iraq to ISIS: been done. Blaming domestic Muslim Islamic terrorist mass murder of homosexuals on Republicans: been done. Turning a treasonous Candidate for POTUS loose without prosecution: been done. Bringing illegals who are diseased and criminals into the USA and distributing them around the nation under cover of night, dropping them off in the dark and running away like the skunks they are: been done. Fomenting race riots, and blaming whites while patting rioters on the head: been done, over and over and over and over.

So all your blather, it's already been done - done to death. Only other Leftists believe that crap. Nothing you say here is valid, nor is it true. It's just more bad mouth at the Jr High School level.

There is no way for a Leftist to distinguish himself from the other dregs of mankind: there is nothing remaining which is new and outrageous anymore. It's all the same: there is no difference between one leftist and any other. There can't be; that differentiation would require a) thought outside the narrative and b) the ability to have such a radical thought. So that has proven impossible due to those restrictions.

So after a bit you will be power washed off this site, and all the sock puppets with you.

How does the standard Leftist narrative deal with that?

Steven Satak said...
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Steven Satak said...

SJWs, to include nearly all Leftists, ALWAYS project. Thus we have Vin's 'outrage' at the "extreme right hijacking our country". Talk about manufacturing a crisis by referring to a situation that does not exist!

Trust me, oh Vin of the 'idiots'(really, do you *still* think it is a sign of maturity to have a gutter mouth?), if there was a vast right-wing conspiracy to shut you up, you would not be here to troll Stan's blog.

Take your emotional outbursts, your rejection of everything that is not simply yourself, and troll someplace else. I have seen your kind before and am no longer amused by your antics.

In other words, get lost.

Sam said...

Sorry but, is Steven serious or another troll too?

Steven Satak said...

Sam = sockpuppet. The link to wikipedia gave it away. How lame.

Sam said...

I don't understand. I almost never comment and did not know which URL to enter. What's wrong with Wikipedia? I won't use it, it says (optional) too, anyhow, am I just feeding another troll?

Rick said...

You're not fooling anyone Sam
Nice try!